Friday, March 28, 2014

Lulu Lemon Sale: Don't Miss It!

Ok guys... seriously listen up... this sale I just went don't want to miss! I am not kidding they have deals on deals at the one-weekend only sale of Lulu Lemon!!!! 

Here I go, I will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing opportunity!!


Friday, March 28: 8AM - 8PM (last entry 7PM)
Saturday, March 29: 8AM- 8PM (last entry 7PM)
Sunday, March 30: 8AM- 8PM (inventory dependent)

Bring debit/credit cards and your ID's only. No Cash Accepted and NO returns. 

Facebook Information <-- Click Here to see more! 

We waited in line to get in...and it was totally worth it. Arrived at 7:30am and the line was out the door..

And once we got in.... 

It was heaven!!!!! 

Here is the Price List:

CHECK IT OUT... Seriously though, SO cheap for SUCH good stuff!!

Here are my recommendations:

- If you have the time, go EARLY tomorrow morning. We got inside by 11am and things were still pretty organized, stayed for two hours and by the time we left...things were getting pretty unorganized and messy... but if you don't have the option of going tomorrow in the morning, anytime will work! Just prepare to stand in the line for a while, they moderate the amount of people inside which makes for a smooth and great experience!  *When we left, there was a line inside the building but not outside at that point at 1pm on Friday*

-Don't bring coats, strollers, etc! It gets busy in there and that stuff is a hassle to carry and hold while shopping anyways. I had my ID and Credit Card and cell phone in a pocket and that was it! Easy, hands-free shopping! 

-Be Patient. Remember there are thousands of other shoppers there, looking to get these amazing deals as well!! Such a fun environment..almost like Black Friday Shopping! 

Heres what I scored:

You can follow the warehouse sale at:
&& with the hashtag: #March2MN

Did you go?? What were your favorite finds?? 

Appreciate the Moment.